Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that we're asked often.

How do I install Vencord?

We provide a convenient graphical installer you can use. Or you can just grab Vencord from the Chrome & Firefox webstores.

Visit our download page to find out more!

Vencord isn't working! :(

The most likely cause is that your install is outdated. Check if there’s any updates. You can either do so using our inbuilt updater, or if you cannot get there due to crashes or similar, use the “Update Vencord” in the Installer.

If you’re all up to date, try reinstalling with the installer anyway!

And if it now still doesn’t work, please let us know in our support server

Can I use this on the web version of Discord?

Yes! We provide extensions for Firefox & Chromium based browsers and a UserScript build.

See our download page for more info!

Is there a mobile version of Vencord?

Yes actually! We have an Android app embedding the Discord website

However, as Discord’s mobile website has some issues (performance, usability, etc), chances are you won’t like it. In that case you will instead want to use one of the following mods focused on Mobile.

Do note however that these mods are not related to / affiliated with Vencord, so we do not provide support for them in any way. Join their support servers for help & more info!

How do I install BetterDiscord / Replugged / [insert other mod here] plugins?

You can’t.

Chances are, it’s already a Vencord plugin! Or if it isn’t, you can open a plugin request

Will I get banned for using Vencord? Will plugin X get me banned?

Client modifications are against Discord’s Terms of Service.

However, Discord is pretty indifferent about them and there are no known cases of users getting banned for using client mods! So you should generally be fine as long as you don’t use any plugins that implement abusive behaviour. But no worries, all inbuilt plugins are safe to use!

Regardless, if your account is very important to you and it getting disabled would be a disaster for you, you should probably not use any client mods (not exclusive to Vencord), just to be safe

Additionally, make sure not to post screenshots with Vencord in a server where you might get banned for it

How do I migrate my Vencord Settings from Canary to Stable (or vice versa)?

Settings are already shared across all Discord instances on the same PC so you can just switch and they will be kept!

When joining voice channels, I get "RTC Connecting"

Cause is unknown, so there is no real fix.

However, a simple workaround that fixes it temporarily is to click the text that says RTC Connecting, then click Debug. Close the page that opens again and it should now be fixed!

Note that you need Discord Developer Mode (Discord Settings > Advanced > Developer Mode) enabled to do this!

My themes broke and now I can't open settings or disable them

open the dev tools with CTRL + Shift + i and click on the “console” tab at the top. Then paste and run (with enter) the following code.

It will

  • disable custom css (you can turn it back on in Vencord Settings)
  • copy your current theme links to your clipboard as a backup
  • remove all themes
(() => {
    Vencord.Settings.useQuickCss = false
    Vencord.Settings.themeLinks = []
    Vencord.Settings.enabledThemes = []
Why do I get logged out after opening DevTools?

Discord tries to protect you from getting scammed by “hiding” your token when you open DevTools, which means it deletes it from storage and only keeps it in memory in order to make it harder to obtain.

If you now close discord before closing DevTools again, your token will not be saved anywhere anymore and as a consequence you will be logged out

Solution: Close DevTools before closing discord or better yet enable the NoDevtoolsWarning plugin which removes this “feature”

Why does my Discord always crash when opening DevTools?

This is a stock Discord issue. There is nothing we can do

However, here are some solutions that should work:

  • Many people have stated that opening devtools while Discord is still loading prevents the crashing
  • Devtools work fine in Vencord’s custom client, Vesktop, or just your web browser - you can use the Vencord browser extension
  • It seems to be an issue exclusive to Windows. You could try switching to Linux
How do I uninstall Vencord?

Vencord is uninstalled the same way you install it. Just use the “Uninstall” button instead

What are the official websites for Vencord?

The only official website is, which can be confirmed on GitHub and the installer itself. We are not affiliated with any other website, and therefore urge you to exercise caution when visiting sites not owned by us that offer Vencord. They are fake sites that are highly likely to be malicious.

We are currently aware of the following sites impersonating us:

If you have downloaded software offered by these sites, please remove it as soon as possible as we cannot guarantee the safety of anything distributed via them.

I see there are packages for Nix or another platform not on the website, do you support them?

No. These packages are maintained by people (usually) unrelated to Vencord. We will not provide support for unofficial repackages of Vencord unless it’s an actual bug in the mod itself (except when such bugs occur due to the repackage).

Please forward your support enquiries to the people who maintain these packages instead of us.

Still lost? Visit our support server for more assistance! We're happy to help.